New dance and new clothes!

30 07 2010

Hello friends today Transformice get new clothes! and of course buy something I buy my police hat!

remember that if you go to the store please click on menu and then shop, down the new.

And now the fun part, the new dance you can dance at Transformice now!, Just type / dance and your mouse will start to dance, here a photo:

It’s fun, I hope you like it.
Get some cheese *-*



Transformice! instructions

30 07 2010

Hello here I am going to show a great Transformice! and a few tricks, first you move with the arrows above to jump down to duck and so on.

You can change the server or room or you want to call just put / room (the name or number you want) and when you see a hacker just put, / ban (the name of the person), to add someone as a friend only pon / friend (name of person), and finally to change title, titles are won depending on how many cheeses together, the more cheese you’ll hang out more titles, to change the title (if you have) just put / title and options you will choose between the den and you choose the one you like, for example, if you like you put the title 8 / title 8 and the next round you will see the title you chose.

To put lens caps mustache or other things to your mouse clicking on menu then you will shop and what they sell in the store to say how much cheese you may have.

that’s all you need to know the main thing, then I’ll tell you what’s new in Transformice! enters the pages I have in the blog when you do not know something.

Have fun!